CONVENTION 39 is approaching and member clubs, individual bonsai enthusiasts and Golden Statements subscribers are asked to donate to the Benefit Drawing, which is the primary funding source for various GSBF programs. Items of a bonsai or horticulture nature, monetary donations, as well as other types of items, are appreciated. GSBF is a non-profit organization and donations are tax exempt. Click here to print a donation form. For questions, contact Mario Rendina via e-mail at See you at the convention.
Your donations to the GSBF Giving Campaign support various functions of the Foundation.  These include the Golden Statements Magazine, the website, the Bonsai Basics teacher development program, internships for students abroad, education grants for students, workshop programs, club insurance, the newly developed judged bonsai show at the GSBF Convention, and the GSBF collection of quality bonsai at the Huntington Gardens and Lake Merritt. Donations are tax deductible. Click here to print a copy of the Giving campaign donation form. 
A subscription to the GOLDEN STATEMENTS magazine not only keeps you informed about what is happening in the bonsai community, it also helps fund the GSBF educational mission.  A yearly subscription for those living in the USA is $25.00.  The magazine is a quarterly publication. Visit the Golden State Bonsai Federation website to subscribe online or by mail.