'AN EVENING WITH THE HEADLINERS' - Imagine Ryan and Bjorn on binary option trade in tagalog the same stage working their magic side by side. They each have a wonderful, well established, yamadori Sierra Juniper gathered from the high rocky slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This material is carefully selected and of the highest quality from all perspectives; strong, healthy, 10"-15" Nebari with the beautiful blue/grey foliage and truly remarkable bonsai possibilities. Kathy Shaner will provide her insightful commentary with humor and deep knowledge as always. You won't have to use your imagination if you are one of the lucky ones to get a ticket to this Thursday evening special event. Come and join us for a light buffet and no host bar. This meeting of our best emergent western masters will run from 6pm-9pm. Two lucky bidders will be able to call these bonsai their own as the evening comes to a close. An event such as this has not happened before, so you know it is going to be truly memorable. See you there.

Ryan Neil is one of the few Bonsai artists that does not require any special introduction. Anybody and everybody in the bonsai community knows and has heard of Ryan. He was born and raised in Colorado, on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains, amid a fantastic array of tortured and binary options trading in tagalog stunted trees in the landscape. They were his introduction to bonsai before he had any concept of what it was. He studied horticulture in college and, after graduation, spent six years apprenticing for Mr. Masahiko Kimura, the most revolutionary figure in contemporary Japanese bonsai.  In 2010, after completing his apprenticeship, he settled in Oregon to begin the lifelong pursuit of building Mirai, one of the most prestigious bonsai schools in the world. Last year, he led the Artisans Cup, a one of its kind exhibition of American bonsai held at the Portland Art Museum in Oregon, with over 3,200 attendees in a 17-hour period. Ryan travels to select events in America and around the world to demonstrate, lecture, judge, and critique exhibitions.

Bjorn Bjorholm, referred to as Brad Pitt of Bonsai by Facebook, YouTube and Twitter fans, was 16 when he traveled to Japan to finagle a meeting with Mr. Keiichi Fujikawa at Kouka-en Nursery (located in Ikeda City just north of Osaka). In 2015, he became a certified bonsai professional by the Japanese Bonsai Association, having completed his formal apprenticeship with Fujikawa-san. Bjorn's experiences shaped his approach to bonsai and furthered his never ceasing desire to improve the quality of western bonsai art. Today, he owns and operates Bjorvala Bonsai Studio, teaches at the Fujikawa International School of Bonsai and is currently finishing his Doctoral degree in Economics at the University of Osaka. He is also binary option in tagalog traveling all over the world conducting study groups, training, and doing demonstrations. He is well sought after as teacher and mentor to young Bonsai enthusiasts.